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Why not make even more of your stay in our dog friendly cottages by booking some on site dog training.
Our APDT UK accredited trainers are able to offer a wide variety of training whether you want to  make sure your dog comes when he is called or try out a fun new activity, we have something to suit everyone. Over in our own two-acre field we have a variety of equipment and can offer training in Dog Parkour (where your dog learns to climb on and interact with a variety of obstacles), Hoopers (a low impact kind of agility) Flyball, tracking, searching and much more. We are also able to offer training walks with an emphasis on maximising enjoyment whilst staying safe when walking your dog in the Countryside. From time to time we also host specialist workshops such as our popular gundog weekend and our Real Skills for Connectivity Workshop. All training needs to be booked in advance and can be arranged as a one off lesson or as a package of lessons throughout your stay.

Our Trainers

Chris Mancini MAPDT, UK 00515 – Chris lives locally and is able to offer training throughout the year. Chris has worked as a veterinary nurse for over thirty years. This work sparked an interest in dog behaviour and training. She studied with COAPE to gain a grounding in behaviour before setting up classes. A member of the APDT, UK she set up Puppypals dog training 18 years ago.She has competed and instructed in obedience and agility. Chris has ran the usual pet manners classes, as well as various other skills including Scentwork. Chris has performed tricks/routines with her dogs at Crufts as part of the James Wellbeloved ‘All Stars’ Team. As well as this she has done lots of film work and photo shoots with her dogs, they have appeared on various adverts as well as Eastenders. She is a trainer and assessor for Dog Aid and also instructs on the APDT Instructors course. Her passion is sharing training ideas with like minded people, to develop the amazing bond that can be developed using fun, innovative training.


Sue Pickering MAPDT UK 01191 Sue is a regular visitor to Coniston Cottages and is happy to offer training whenever she is here. “Animals have always featured in my life, as a child I immersed myself in anything relating to ponies and dogs.
At college I trained with horses, passing my BHSAI and going on to work with horses and gundogs.”  As a dog trainer I am passionate about improving the relationship between companion dogs and their owners. I believe that training should be kind and effective for the dog and owner, with a little bit of help anyone can have a well-trained dog. I am also very keen to show owners just what their companion dogs are capable of, encouraging them to try scenting games (great for finding lost car keys), tracking, clicker training, fun agility etc. I firmly believe that both mental and physical stimulation are vital to having a happy, healthy dog. Click here for further information-

Our trainers adhere to the principles of the Association for Pet Dog Trainers and only use kind, fair and effective training methods.



Photography by Carlo Fontanarosa